INSTALL: Using the Legacy Registration

1) After purchase, you will be sent an email confirming your purchase, and welcoming you to WP-Client.

To access your account, just use the login credentials that are emailed to you after purchase. The email address in our Owners Database is generally the email address that is linked to the PayPal account that you used to originally purchase the plugin. By default, this email address will be your username to login to your Control Panel. However, you will be prompted to change this username after your first login. Please remember and write down your username and password. Your password cannot be provided for you by our staff, and if you forget, you will have to perform a password reset.

2) Once you're logged into your Control Panel, navigate to the "My Products" tab, and select "WP-Client"

3) Then click the "Download Latest Version" to trigger a download of a ZIP file of WP-Client. 

4) In your WordPress installation, upload the WP-Client ZIP file by selecting 'Add new' Plugin, Upload, and then Activate. 

NOTE: If you have the "Lite" version of WP-Client installed, be sure to DEACTIVATE this before installing/activating the "Pro" version of WP-Client.

5) Finalize the registration using the API key provided in your Control Panel. Be sure you are using the API key for WP-Client Pro. 

After this step, the domain URL of your installation will automatically be added to your authorized list in your Control Panel. You can manage and/or remove this licensed URL at any time by logging back into your Control Panel. 

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