Roles and Capabilities

How do the roles in WP-Client differ?

The roles within WP-Client are categorized by the amount of access and capabilities that are assigned to each role, from most access to least access. The hierarchy goes like this:

WordPress Admin > WPC_Admin > WPC_Manager > WPC_Client > WPC_Clients_Staff

WPC Admin

The WPC Admin role has full access to WP-Client settings, but no access to the rest of your WordPress installation. This is ideal if you want to delegate the admin duties of the Portal to a staff member, but don’t want to give them full WordPress admin-level capabilities.

This person will only be able to manage the WP-Client plugin.

Scenario 1: This would be someone who works possibly in the IT department of the advertising agency. Someone who needs access to all of the settings of WP-Client, but doesn’t deal with the clients.

Scenario 2: This might be someone who works for the store you sell to, or it could be someone who works for you that handles the WP-Client side of your business.

WPC Manager

This role allows you to assign a specific group of clients to one manager within your organization.  You can create managers and assign existing clients to them to provide a more personal experience and greater organization. The Manager role is akin to a WPC-Admin role, but with fewer permissions.

When a client uploads a file or a private message is sent, the alert email is sent to that client's Manager.

Scenario 1: This would be an agent within the advertising agency, someone who handles clients.

Scenario 2: This could be someone who works for your distribution center, possibly a sales representative or sales manager that handles a specific set of customers.

WPC Client

WP-Client is the core user of the plugin. This is the role that will apply to anyone who is using the portal of your site to access HUB and Portal Pages. They can also have access to upload files, submit feedback on assigned Feedback Wizards and pay/view Estimates and Invoices. Their access can be controlled/limited through Paid Registration and Time-Limited Registration.

Scenario 1: In an advertising agency, the Client would be someone who the agency is working for, say for example Apple Computers.

Scenario 2: If the business is a product distribution center, the Client would be someone who buys your product.

WPC Client’s Staff

This would be the people that work for your client.  They may be managers that work for your client or employees that need access to the content on the client portal, such as uploaded files or estimates/invoices.

Scenario 1: In the advertising agency, the Client’s Staff would be someone that works for Apple Computers, for example, Bob at Apple needs to log in and check out files meant for Apple.  And, so does Sally from Apple. And, so does Jane from Apple. Good corporate etiquette is that they can't share the same login, in case Sally leaves Apple. Her login could be deleted and done, she no longer has login access, without affecting Bob or Jane.

Scenario 2: For the distribution center, the Client’s Staff would be someone who works at the store that buys your product, maybe a salesperson or customer service representative.

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