Using the Permissions Report Tool

The Permissions Report tool is designed to show comprehensive reports of the assigned permissions given based on Client or Circle affiliation, and by what path those permissions were assigned. This helps you ensure that your permissions are set up the way you intended and helps identify and possible accidental assignment of permissions that you did not intend.

You can use this tool in two ways.

1. Show the resources that are permissioned to any Client or Circle by selecting Client or Circle from first select box, and then selecting a specific Client or Circle from the select box below that. Then, you can make your selection of all or specific resources from the select box on the right and click “Report”

See video here:

With the report generated, you can begin to analyze who has access to what resources, and how.

In this example report, we can see the permission history of all of the files that have been assigned to client “Alpha”. We can see that the files “Jellyfish.jpg” and “Koala.jpg” were permissioned to Alpha through the file category “Shared Files”. The files “Jellyfish.jpg” and “Koala.jpg” are part of the file category “Shared Files”, and Alpha is assigned to that file category.

The file “2014-Advertising-Plan.doc” has been permissioned to Alpha in two different ways, both directly and through the Circle “Circle Two”. The file has been permissioned to “Circle Two”, and Alpha is assigned to “Circle Two”, so Alpha has access to the file through that permission.

The file “Desert.jpg” has been doubly permissioned in this same manner.

The files “Penguins.jpg” and “2014-Marketing-Brainstorm.doc” have been directly permissioned to Alpha.

Click the directional arrow button in the middle to change to Method 2

2. Select a resource type from the top select box, and then use the 2nd select box to choose a specific resource from that category. Then, use the select box on the right to choose to view permissions based on Client or Circle assignment.

See video here:

This method allows you to see the same permissions as above, but in reverse, allowing you to choose a particular file or page, and see what Clients it is assigned to, and how.

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