Importing Clients

If you already have a list of clients, WP-Client makes it fast and easy to import them. You can do this from the Clients Tab under the Clients menu.

To import, you must first have a list of clients in a CSV format file. You can create this format from any spreadsheet application such as Microsoft Excel, OpenOffice Calc, or Google Spreadsheet. Your CSV file should be formatted to look like the following:

user_login user_pass contact_name biz_name user_email phone send_password
alpha pass123 Andy Alpha, Inc. 800-867-5309 1
bravo pass123 Billy Bravo, Inc. 800-867-5309 0
charlie pass123 Chuck Charlie, Inc. 800-867-5309 1
delta pass123 Dean Delta, Inc. 800-867-5309 0

If you need a template to help you with your client import, you can find HERE

Instructions for creating CSV

Open Office (recommended): Click HERE

From the Clients Tab under the Clients menu, select the 'Choose File' button and navigate to your CSV file and select it. Click the button labeled @Import!" to import you file into WP-Client.

Once the import completes, you will see each of your clients in the client list. Respective Hub and Portal Pages have also been created for each as well, and can be found under the Hub Pages and Portal Pages menu items.

If you would like to include an expiration date in the CSV (related to the Time Limited Clients Extension), you will want to add a column with the header "expiration_date" (without quotes), and in the cells below you would want to include an expiration date, formatted in MM/DD/YYYY format (or DD/MM/YYYY, depending on your WordPress settings. The 4-digit year format is the most important.)

Importing using Custom Fields

If you are using Custom Fields, and would like to include those in your CSV import, simply add the fields in their own columns to your CSV. You will want to use the "field slug" that you set up for each Custom Field as the column header.

Adding Clients to Circles during import

You can accomplish this in two ways

1. Include a column in your CSV file with the first row showing this value: client_circles --- To add the client to multiple Circles, then separate Circle Titles with pipes ( Ex. CircleA|CircleB|CircleC )

2. Use the "Assign to Circle(s)" dialogue provided next to the Import Button

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