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If you would like to collect more information than what is natively done by WP-Client, you can use Custom Fields. This feature allows you to associate new data fields with your Clients, allowing you to gather additional information. For instance, each of Clients may have a unique business ID you would like to keep track of, or perhaps you would like to collect a mailing address to use for billing purposes. Any quantifiable data that you need collect can most likely be done using Custom Fields.

Custom Fields can be found by navigating to WP-ClientMembers → Clients Custom Fields tab.

From here you can view, edit, or delete your current Custom Fields, as well as create a new one using the “Add New Custom Field” button.

When adding a new Custom Field, you are presented with a variety of options.

You will first need to designate the field slug. This is used by the plugin to “call” the information associated with the Custom Field. It is essentially the placeholder for the field. It is formatted as “wpc_cf_whateveryoutype”. You need to use names that are descriptive of the custom field, so you can easily remember it when designing pages, and you want to use the field slug to pull that information. Additionally, it cannot be changed once you save the Custom Field, so double-check that it’s correct before saving.

Next, you need to enter the field title and field description. This is the text that will display above and below the field on the various registration pages. These are not required, but it will make the registration process easier for your Clients, as well as any of your staff that may be adding Clients manually.

Next, you will have the option to relate the Custom Field to "User Meta" information. This allows you to "link" a Custom Field to a default WordPress meta field, such as "first_name", "last_name", etc. This means that, if this Custom Field is filled out when creating a new client, then the corresponding WordPress meta field will also be filled upon creation of the user.

Next, you will set the field type. This setting will depending on what type of information you are collecting. the Field Type can be a text box (single or multi-line), radio buttons, checkboxes, select boxes, etc. Which one you choose will completely depend on the format of data you want to collect.

Next, you can decide where the Custom Field is displayed. It can be displayed on the Admin Add Client form, Client Registration form, and in the Client Profile. Just check the appropriate boxes next to where you want the field displayed.

Finally, you can set whether the field is required to be filled in, and also whether the field can be changed once the Client is saved. Check the box for “Required Field” if you want to require that the information be filled in. Check the “Read-only Field” box if you want to make the field un-editable once the Client is added.

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