WPC-Manager Overview

The WPC-Manager role allows you to assign a specific group of clients to one manager within your organization.  You can create managers and assign existing clients to them to provide a more personal experience and greater organization. The Manager role is akin to a WPC-Admin role, but with fewer permissions. When a client uploads a file or sends a private message, the alert email is sent to that client's Manager.

The capabilities of the WPC-Manager role can be modified by navigating to WP-Client → Settings → Capabilities.

To add a new WPC-Manager in your installation, navigate to WP-Client → Members → Managers. Then, click on the Add New button.

During the creation of a new WPC-Manager, you will have a few options besides the standard name and password fields. First, you will have the option to check a box to "Auto Assign New Clients to this WPC-Manager". If this box is checked, all clients created after this setting is saved will automatically be assigned to a WPC-Manager role.

Once a WPC-Manager has been created, they can be edited, deleted, and assigned/unassigned from different Clients and Circles from the menu at WP-Client → Managers.

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