Portal Pages

What is a Portal Page?

A Portal Page is a page that can be given permissions to one, several, or all of your clients. One client can have permissions to many Portal Pages and many clients can have permissions to a single Portal Page. This versatility means that no matter how you intend to use WP-Client, you will be able to customize it to fit your needs.

Editing Portal Pages

A Portal Page is automatically created when you create a new Client, but you can add as many as you need for each client or for a Circle of clients. To manage Portal Pages, hover your cursor over the Portal Page Title. You will see a menu below the title that allows you to Edit, Quick Edit, Trash, or Preview that Portal Page.

To edit existing Portal Pages, click on Edit and you’d be directed to the page editor that looks very similar to the post editor built into WordPress.

Setting Permissions for Portal Pages

As mentioned before, Portal Pages can be used across multiple clients or Circles. If you need to set or edit the permissions on a Portal Page, this can be done from the main Portal Page menu.

Sending Email Updates to Portal Pages

To send an email update to the clients who have permission to view a page that has been changed, check the appropriate box in the Portal Page editor sidebar menu before updating.

Portal Page Settings

Add Portal Page

To create a new Portal Page, just navigate to WP-Client → Portals → Portal Pages, and select "Add New".

Selecting Client/Circle Permissions

From the available list of Clients and Circles, you can select which ones you want to have access to a new page by checking the box beside them. If you don't see a Client or Circle listed, you'll need to first create one. Any permission settings made here can later be changed using the editing interface for the appropriate Portal Page.

Selecting Page Template

After selecting "Add New" from the WP-Client → Portals → Portal Pages menu, you will have the option to copy an existing page to this new Portal Page. You can choose to apply the default Portal Page Template, use an already existing Portal Page, or if you have created a separate WordPress Page you would like to copy, you can choose that from the dropdown box in the right sidebar.

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