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The File Sharing system of WP-Client is one of the core functionalities of the plugin. This feature allows the Admin to upload and assign files to each Client/Member, either large groups (through Circles or File Categories) or individuals on a granular level. Clients/Members will only have access to files that are assigned to them, and only when they are properly logged in. This gives the Admin total control over exactly what files their client-base can access. Additionally, Clients/Members can be given the ability to upload files from their START Page. Any files that are uploaded by a Client/Member will be viewable by any Admin and any assigned WPC-Manager.

To know more about File Categories, follow this link.

How to upload files?

WP-Client makes it easy to add files for your clients and assign them in one easy operation. To get started, navigate to WP-Client → Portals → File Sharing.

Then, click on the Upload New File button.

From the upload pop-up window, you can choose which file to upload and assign it to a file category, Client/Member, and Circle. You can also choose to notify the Client/Member via email when a new file is uploaded and assigned to them. They can also attach the file to the email.

NOTE: You may allow clients to upload files, as well as view the files that were assigned to them. Click here to learn more.

How to add files via FTP?

For very large files that cannot be uploaded because of PHP limitations, you can use FTP to upload files into the indicated directory, and then use the Assign Files from FTP to assign them to Client(s) or Circle(s). WP-Client protects the files in this directory.

How to synchronize files via FTP?

You can optionally upload multiple files at one time to your installation via FTP, and then "sync" those files with one click from the WP-Client admin dashboard. Via FTP, you need to navigate to the directory "/wp-content/uploads/wpclient/_file_sharing".

Once you have navigated to the appropriate file directory, you will find individual folders with one for each File Category that exists in your installation. These folders follow the format of "Category Name_X", with "X" representing the file category ID number. 

To add a file, simply open the desired category folder, and upload the appropriate file(s) into the folder. Additionally, you can create a new file category via FTP, just by creating new folders in the "/wp-content/uploads/wpclient/_file_sharing" directory. 

NOTE: When creating a new folder in this directory, it is only necessary to name the folder. The Category ID number will be added automatically after your first file sync.

After the desired files have been uploaded and organized via FTP, you can bring the files into the WP-Client admin menu by navigating to WP-Client → Portals → File Sharing. Just click the "Synchronize with FTP" dropdown link, and then the "Synchronize Now" button.

After that, the uploaded files (and any newly created File Categories) will be automatically displayed in the admin file sharing menu, and the files will be available in the START Pages of any assigned clients (Clients who are assigned to the corresponding File Categories).

You can also optionally set your installation to automatically synchronize files and categories with FTP, by navigating to WP-Client → Settings → File Sharing. Simply set the setting to "Yes", and enter how often you need the sync to occur (in minutes).

How to add files from an external location?

This feature gives you the ability to assign files from external locations to your Client(s) or Circle(s). Using the public download links from Dropbox, Amazon S3, iCloud or similar services, enter it into the File URL field. Then, after you assign the file to a category and Client(s) or Circle(s), a link to that file will dynamically appear in the START and/or Portal Pages of the assigned users.

How can clients view the files that were assigned to them?

Clients can view the files that they uploaded or assigned to them by adding shortcode to display a file viewer which looks like this:

The viewer above is in hyperlinked tree view. You can also display table view or blog view, whichever you prefer.

Click here to know more about adding these File Sharing viewer into the clients Start or Portal page.

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