Paid Registration Quick Start Guide

The Paid Registration Extension allows you to configure a simple system that only gives clients access to their portal after they have paid using one of the provided payment gateways. To get started:

1) Make sure the Extension is installed and activated from the menu at WP-Client → Extensions.         

2) Setup your desired payment gateways at WP-Client → Settings → Payment Gateways.

3) Adjust the appropriate settings for Paid Registration at WP-Client → Settings → Paid Registration. From here, you can enable the functionality itself, select what payment gateways you would like to allow your clients to use to pay, set your registration cost, and set the payment description that will be displayed for the client on their gateway "checkout" page. You can also set a custom URL as a return page after payment for your clients, if desired (the default will return them to the "registration successful" page).

Once Paid Registration is setup and enabled, any client who self-registers using the Client Registration Form will be prompted to make payment after they register. Once done, they will be redirected to the appropriate gateway payment page (or a page to select a gateway, if you enable multiple). After registration and payment, they will be redirected back to the default "registration successful" page, unless otherwise set in the "Custom Auto-Return URL" setting.

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