SMS Quick Start Guide

The SMS Notifications extension gives you the ability to send messages and various WP-Client notifications to your clients via SMS message. The extension uses email-to-SMS protocol, which is supported by most major mobile carriers.

You can find a pretty comprehensive (but not necessarily complete) list of compatible carriers here:

After activating the extension, the first step is to select your desired mobile carriers. There are many carriers included by default when you first install the extension. Simply check the box next to your desired choices, and click “Update Settings”

If a desired mobile carrier is not already listed, you can easily add them by clicking “Add Mobile Carriers”

NOTE: The mobile carrier must support email-to-SMS protocol, which most do. The carrier’s appropriate email format can generally be found online easily.

Simply fill in the carrier’s name, and a correctly formatted email address

NOTE: The text before the “@” is simply a placeholder, and doesn’t affect the actual SMS functionality

After selecting your desired mobile carriers, you will want to update your clients’ mobile number and mobile carrier information in their profile.

NOTE: The Mobile Number field is separate from the Phone field. The number entered in the Phone field will not be used for sending SMS notifications.

To send a new private message via SMS, simply navigate to WP-Client-->SMS Messaging, and select “Create SMS Message”

This menu works very similarly to sending a WP-Client private message. You can enter the message subject and content, and select which Clients and/or Circles you would like to send the message to.

You can also optionally enter a test number and carrier. This allows you to test the SMS functionality, and verify the message content and format, before sending it out to your Clients.

After a message is sent, the SMS log will display the message subject, creation date, the total number of messaged Clients, as well as the number of successful and failed messages. You can optionally use the search bar to find a specific message, as well as delete individual messages, or delete multiple messages using the “Bulk Action” menu.

In addition to sending direct SMS private messages, your Clients can optionally be notified of various WP-Client actions via SMS, such as when their account is created, when they are assigned a new file, etc. These SMS messages use default templates, which can be edited and formatted by navigating to WP-Client-->Templates-->SMS Notifications

You can also enter your admin mobile number and carrier from this page

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