Project Management Quick-Start Guide


The Project Management Extension allows you to manage your projects, assign it to users, and set its due date. You can also add tasks and subtasks within the project for micro-level monitoring. After creating a task, you can assign it to users. 

To know more about assigning users, visit the Users and Roles article where you will learn how to create a user and the different types of roles that you will need to assign the users to.

Moreover, you can also allow the team members to communicate with each other through Messaging and File Sharing

Find more capabilities of the Project Management extension here.

Business Sectors

Business Sectors allow you to get a quick glance at your business, and see exactly where your business is coming from. For example, an advertising agency might have Business Sectors for logo designs, television commercials, radio commercials, etc. Each Project can be categorized under a Business Sector, and the assignments can be viewed from the “Business Sectors” tab of your main dashboard. This will allow you to see what types of Projects are generating the most business, and where the majority of your Team’s workload is originating.

Business Sectors can be viewed and modified by navigating to the "Business Sectors" tab from your main dashboard. 

You can visit this link to learn more about creating Projects, Milestones, and Teams.

Project Management Settings

Various Project Management settings can be adjusted by navigating to WP-Client → Project Management → Settings.

From here, you can choose whether or not to use the HTML5 File Uploader to allow multi-file uploading, set the limit for "auto-hide" completed/closed tasks, and turn the various email notifications on and off. 

Follow this link to learn more about Tasks and Subtasks

NOTE: These settings are only available to WordPress and WP-Client Admin users.

Additionally, each user (Teammate, Project Manager, Freelancer) can adjust their own email notifications on an individual level. 

All of the Project Management email notification templates can be edited by navigating to WP-Client → Templates → Email Templates → Project Management.

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