Portal Page Templates

From here, you can edit the template of the newly created Portal Pages. You can use custom HTML, or design the Portal Page using the Visual Editor. Any content you place here will be used by default whenever a new Portal Page is created. Changes to this template will not affect any existing Portal Pages. You can access this on the “Portal Page Template” tab under the Templates Menu.

Email Templates

This contains all the email templates used for sending email notifications to WP-Client users. You can access it on the “Email Templates” tab under the Templates menu.

From here, you can edit the templates of each of the email notifications that are sent by WP-Client. Use placeholders to dynamically insert information into the templates, giving the emails a personalized feel. (Please refer to the Placeholder table for specific items and uses.)

Shortcode Templates

Shortcode Templates allow advanced users to modify the actual output of shortcodes from WP-Client and it's Extensions. Advanced users should only attempt changes here. Please edit in HTML only, and don't change anything inside curly brackets "{}".

To edit, select "Copy to Theme Directory" for the desired template. After that, you will have the option to "Edit" the template.

If you run into a problem, you can "Delete Template from Theme Directory" to remove your customized template and reset to the default template.

Changing the default labels on the Client Registration Form

Allowing your Clients/Members to register themselves can be an easy way to gain traffic and potential revenue on your site. Web Portal makes this even easier by having a default Client Registration Form built-in to the plugin. However, all of the field names may not apply to your particular install, and you may need to rename them.

  • Changing the labels on this form will NOT change the name of the fields in the back-end of your installation. It simply changes how the name of the field displays for the Client/Member on the Client Registration Form only.
  •  If you are editing the label of a required field, be sure to leave the "{$required_text}" label code intact. This code displays the red star next to the label name.
  • Before making changes to the shortcode template, it is a good idea to copy/paste the contents of the template into a text editor and save. You can use the "Reset to Default" option if you make any mistakes, but it is always good to have a backup.

Please follow the steps below:

1) While logged out as admin (in either another browser or an incognito session) navigate to your Client Registration form. This is usually found at "domain.com/portal/client-registration/".

2) Decide which label you would like to change, and note it's position on the form. In this example, we will be changing the "Business or Client Name" label.

3) In your WordPress dashboard, navigate to WP-Client → Templates → Shortcode Templates tab. From there, click on the "Registration" tab and find the "Client Registration Form" template name.

4) Find the corresponding label text in the template. This piece of code dynamically generates the "Business or Client Name" label which is what we will try to replace. You can find the appropriate corresponding label code for the label you are changing.

5) Replace the label code with whatever text you like to display, and click "Save Template".

6) Go back to your other browser and refresh the Client Registration Form. Your changes should be reflected.

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