How the Start Page works

How the START Page works?

The START page acts as the "landing page". It is what the client see first after they log in. You can have one or many START Pages, and each client can be assigned to a particular START.

To get started, go to WP-Client → Portals. From there, you will be able to see a list of Start pages under the Start Pages tab.

To add a new Start Page, go to the Adding a new Start Page article.

When you hover your mouse pointer on a row, you will see more options below the page title.

Use of START Pages

As the client’s landing page, they should be able to find all the important information that they needed there. You can use the START page to display links to all the content that the client has permissions to view, whether it be several Portal Pages or a set of files. 

We will Edit a START page to demonstrate how to add elements to an existing page.

First, choose Edit from the available actions below the page title.

You will be directed to the page editor. From there, you may blocks that holds your contents and elements.

Edit as HTML

Click on the three-dotted option above the block.

This will display a dropdown menu. Select the "Edit as HTML" option. This will display the HTML view of the blocks.

We have a list of shortcodes and placeholders that you can easily paste into these blocks. Check out the list from the Shortcodes & Placeholders article.


Instead of hardcoding the data into the page, the placeholder allows you to achieve a dynamic page. 

In the example above, we used the placeholder {contact_name}. This will display the contact_name of the client.


You can choose from the available shortcodes to display the information that you needed. You can also add in quick links to your portal pages, display messages and display a list related to past and present invoices for the Client. We demonstrated a quick example by adding a logout link to the page.

Click on the Update button to save. After doing so, the changes will appear on your page in real-time.

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