Adding a new Start Page

How to add a new Start page?

To get started, go to WP-Client → Portals. 

Click on the Add New button.

You will be directed to a blank page editor.

Let’s go over some important settings under the Document tab to the right side of the editor.

WP Settings


This pertains to the availability of the page. Public visibility allows assigned users to view the page. Private visibility is strictly available only to site admins and editors.


You can opt to publish your page immediately or at a later date or time.

Pending Review

Tick the checkbox if you need approval before publishing the page. 


The link to the page will be displayed here.

Featured Image

Add a company or team banner to this area to establish your brand within the website. 

Page Attributes

Choose a template from the dropdown menu. 

WP-Client Settings

START Settings

Allowed Clients

This will display a pop-up window that allows you to assign clients to this START page.

Allowed Circles

This will display a pop-up window that allows you to assign circles to this START page.


This pertains to the priority order of the pages. The higher the value of the number, the higher the priority. Refer to the Priority Order column from the Start Pages list.

Protect this page

This allows you to keep the page private. This is different from the WP visibility setting. A protected page indicates that you have to be a Client or Member in order to access the page.

Click on the Publish button.

A confirmation will be displayed with the permalink to the start page. From here, you can either edit or view the page.

From the list of START pages, you should be able to see the newly created page.

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