Managing Projects, Milestones and Teams

How to create a Project?

To start a new project, simply select “New Project” from the Project tab of your main dashboard. 

Next, fill out the Project Name and Project Description. You can optionally assign it to a Business Sector (See “Creating a Business Sector” below).

After that, you need to assign users to the Project. This includes assigning the Project to the respective Client and attaching Teammate(s), Project Manager(s), Admin(s), and/or Team(s).  

NOTE: Assigning a project to a Client is a requirement to create a project. Once a project is created, the assigned client cannot be changed. Only one client can be assigned to a project.  

Optionally, you can choose to assign an Admin to a project. This will allow the Admin to assume the role of “Project Manager”, which will mean the Admin will receive email notifications about the project, such as when a client or teammate posts into Team/Client talk or a task is completed. By default, the Admin does not receive notifications regarding individual projects, so this setting allows an Admin to micromanage a specific project. The Admin will retain all of their administrative control over the project. 

You can also optionally set a “Projected Completion Date”.

Add an "Estimated Value of Project" before the "Create Project" button.

Alternatively, you can create a project with no employees assigned, and assign them to the project later. Any changes to the project can be made from the individual project dashboard, or by clicking the edit button (a pencil icon) from the main dashboard. 

How to create a milestone?

A milestone is a “timed folder” for tasks. You can assign multiple tasks to a Milestone, and they will all fall under the “umbrella” of that milestone. This allows you to group similar tasks together and see at-a-glance the progress of different segments of the project. 

For instance, you may have a project that involves a marketing campaign for a client. The tasks might include building them a website, redesigning their brochures, and organizing a gathering of their best customers. Each of those items will have many individual tasks associated with it. By creating a milestone for each, you can group the appropriate tasks under the “heading” of the job at hand. So you might have 5 tasks under the milestone “Build Website”, 9 tasks under “Redesign Brochure”, and 6 tasks under “Organize Customer Event”. With these tasks created, assigned to teammates, and attached to a milestone, you can easily view the progress of key parts of a project, allowing you to quickly identify and correct weak points in the workload. 

To create a milestone, choose the appropriate project from your main dashboard, then choose the "Milestones" tab. 

And click the "Add Milestone" button. 

Next, enter the Milestone Title, Description, and Due Date. (All of these fields can be edited after the Milestone is created). 

After successful creation, the milestone will be added to the milestone list. From there, you can begin adding tasks to it.

After clicking on the "Edit task list" button, a list of available tasks will be displayed in the table. Select the necessary tasks, then click on the "Save Selected Tasks" button.

How to create a Team?

Many times when working on projects, you will be assigning the same group of employees to the same types of projects. If the project is a new website, you know that Bob from the art department, Shelly from programming, and Project Manager Tim will all be involved. By creating a team, you can easily group these users together, allowing you to assign all of them to a project with a few clicks.

To create a team, navigate to the “Teams” tab of your main dashboard, then click the “Add New Team” button. 

Next, enter the team name and description. To assign it to users, simply click a user to add a green checkmark to their box, signifying they have been added. For ease of use, Project Managers are marked in BLUE boxes, Teammates are ORANGE, and Freelancers are GREEN.

Now, when you want to assign the team to a project, just use the “Assign Teams” option when creating a new project, or edit an existing project.

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