Tasks and Subtasks

How to create a Task?

Once you have created a project, you can start adding tasks. To do this, select your project, and navigate to the “Tasks” tab of the Project dashboard. From there, you will find an "Add Task" button.

You can also find an “Add Task” button from the "My Tasks" tab of the Project Dashboard to bring up the New Task box. 

Enter the Task title and description. Keep the title short so that it appears nicely on the page. Add details about the task in the description box.

You may also set the task's due date by selecting from the options. You can select from a calendar selector by clicking on the due date text field.

You may change the priority of the task or skip this part to automatically set the priority to Normal. 

URGENT Priority Tasks appear Magenta in the Task list.
HIGH Priority Tasks appear Red in the Task list.
NORMAL Priority Tasks appear Yellow in the Task list.
LOW Priority Tasks appear Green in the Task list.

After a Task is created, you can apply tags.

You may also change the status from the dropdown menu.

Additionally, you can view the activity involving the task by clicking on the "Activity" tab on the right.

View and send messages related to the task from the "Messages" tab.

You can also upload/download files associated with the task from the "Files" tab.

How to create a Subtask?

If you would like to break down a task into smaller and more manageable segments, you can create Subtasks. This feature allows you to divide the portions of a task and assign each of those portions individually. Essentially, the main task becomes the “parent” of its subtasks.

To create a subtask, select the corresponding task. Then select the option “Add Subtask” from the side-pane menu: 

By default, a subtask will have the same user assignment, due date, and priority as the parent task. These can be adjusted individually for each subtask using the side-pane menu, in the same manner as editing a task.

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