Users and Roles

How to create a user?

To create a new Teammate, Project Manager, or Freelancer, simply navigate to the “Users” tab from your Project Management dashboard. 

From there, click the “Add User” button. 

You will be directed to the user registration form where you can choose the user’s role, and enter their profile information. 

Important Reminders:

Make sure that the email address is correct as any password-related emails will be sent there. 

The “Username” field cannot be changed after the user is created. If a mistake is made with the username, the user will have to be deleted and created again. This is a WordPress restriction that is applicable to all users in your installation.

The “Username” and “Email” fields must be unique to each user in your installation, both inside and outside WP-Client. This is a WordPress restriction that is applicable to all users in your installation. 

You can optionally set a profile avatar for the user by uploading a unique image or choosing from the default options.

Types of Roles

A Project Manager will have access to all resources, settings, and options related to their assigned project. They can assign teammates to a project, create and delete and assign tasks, send clients messages, upload files, and any other access an admin would have. The difference is that a Project Manager can only access assigned projects inside WP-Client Project Management. They will have no access to any other part of your site, so you can safely assign someone the Project Manager role without worrying about them having too much access to your admin dashboard.

A Teammate is any normal employee who will work on an assigned project. This might be someone like your in-house graphic designer, programmer, or web designer. Any person who works for you with tasks assigned to them is considered a Teammate.

The Freelancer role acts very similarly to the Teammate role. The difference is that a Freelancer is not directly associated with your team or company. This will allow you to easily identify them in the user list, and deactivate/delete their account after the project is completed. Additionally, Freelancers do not have access to the Team Talk functionality of a project. 

Learn more about “Team Talk” here.

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