Work Requests

If you went to allow your clients to submit potential Project ideas to you, this can be accomplished using the " Work Request" functionality. To get started, you need to insert the shortcode [wpc_client_pm_work_request] in the page of your choice (such as in a Portal Page). Wherever this shortcode is placed, the Work Request form will be displayed for the client, with fields for Title, Request Type, Description, as well as a simple file uploader that the client can use to attach files to the Work Request.

How to manage Work Requests?

Once submitted, the Work Request will display in the back-end at  WP-Client → Project Management → Work Request. The admin can view the request from there, and choose to "accept" it or delete it. Accepting the Work Request will automatically convert the request into a Project.

The " Request Types" that the client can choose from on the Work Request form is drawn from the types that are created by the admin in settings at WP-Client → Project Management → Settings. These Request Types can be created with a Title, Price, Currency, and can be automatically assigned to a specific Business Sector. All Request Types created here will be visible to any client who views the Work Request Form, where they will see only the Request Type title and price (with currency).

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