Messaging and File Sharing

How to communicate with the team?

Communication is key in completing a project quickly and efficiently. Searching through emails can be clunky, and an important message can get lost through when every employee needs to search through their inboxes individually. Using the Team Talk and Client Talk functions, you can ensure that everyone has all of the information and resources they need to complete the Project.

For each project, you will have a “Team Talk” and “Client Talk” tab on the project dashboard. 

The essential difference here is who can access which tab. 
- Clients will have access to Client Talk only. 
- Teammates will have access to Team Talk only. 
- Project Managers and Admins will have access to both Team Talk AND Client Talk. 
- Freelancers do not have access to either Team Talk OR Client Talk.

When you navigate to either Team or Client Talk tabs, you can send a message, with the option of attaching files to the message. Multiple file uploading is enabled, allowing you to attach multiple files to a single message. 

The message and file(s) will then be viewable by the appropriate users once they log in. (See below for more details on File Sharing).

How to share files?

Once you navigate to an individual Project, you will be able to view all associated files by clicking the “Files” tab. 

From here, you can manage all of the files associated with a Project. This includes files that are upload via the Team Talk and Client Talk messaging system, through the Task menu, and directly from the Files tab. Essentially, if a file is assigned to a Project, it can be found from the “Files” tab. You can view the author of the file, as well as what channel the file was added through, such as “task” or “message”.

Additionally, you can download or delete a file by hovering your mouse over the file, and selecting the corresponding option. 

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