File Categories

File Categories allow you to easily organize the files that are uploaded within WP-Client, either from the back-end dashboard or from the front-end Client START Page.

Adding Categories

You can add a new category at the time you add or upload a file, but you can also create categories from the WP-Client → Portals→ Files Categories tab.

Editing Categories

Next to each category is an Actions Menu. This allows you to edit or delete a category. In edit mode, you can change the category name. Press Save after editing to commit the changes or press Close to cancel.

Assigning Categories

If you need to reassign all of the items from one category to another, use the 'Reassign Files Category' form  Files > Files Categories Tab window. In the first field, select the category you want to reassign the files from, and in the second field select the category you want to reassign the files to. Use caution when performing this task.

Re-arranging Categories

To change the order how categories appear, hover the cursor over the order number of the item you want to reposition. The cursor will change into a move pointer which indicates that you can Drag & Drop this item into a new position. To do so, simply left-click your mouse button and hold, dragging the item up or down to reposition it, then release the mouse button to change the position.

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