Estimates Requests

How to allow clients to request for estimates?

To allow clients to send requests for estimates, the Estimate Request shortcode should be added to their start or portal page.

To do this, navigate to WP-Client → Portals → Start Pages. Then, hover over a page that you want to add the shortcode to. Then, select Edit from the menu that will appear below the page title.

You will be redirected to the Page Editor where you can paste your shortcode [wpc_client_inv_request_estimate].

Click on Update to save the changes.

Open a new browser or an incognito browser and log in with a client user session to be able to see how it looks like.

How to find/add Items for Estimate Requests?

The items.under the Select Item dropdown menu are found or defined in WP-Client → Estimates/Invoices → Items. Click on the Add New button to create a new one. A checkbox under the Estimate Request column indicates whether an item appears in the Estimate Requests items selection or not. You can simply put a check to the items that you want to add to the selection.

Where to find the estimate requests sent by the client?

You can find the estimate requests sent by the cients in WP-Client → Estimates/Invoices → Estimate Requests. 

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