Private Post Types

There are two types of privacy settings for Start and Portal pages, the Status & Visibility, and Allowed Clients and Circles sections. We will discuss each setting and how they differ from each other.

Status & Visibility

Under this section, there is a visibility setting wherein you need to choose between public, private or protected.


This visibility setting allows you to publish your Start or portal page for public viewing. This means that everyone will be able to access the page whether they are WPC members or not.


The private visibility setting allows you to publish your Start of portal page for site admins and editors only. 


Lastly, the protected visibility setting allows you to publish your Start or portal page protected with a password. 

Allowed Clients and Circles

This section has the "Protect this page" checkbox. Check the box if you want to keep the page exclusive to Clients and Circles. This will display the Allowed Clients and Allowed Client Circles clickable links below the check box.

This option allows you to keep the access exclusive to WPC members without the need for a password, unlike in the Protected visibility option. Save changes by clicking on the "Update" button. You can find a list of protected pages by navigating to WP-Client → Private Post Types.


You may customize the fields using Private Post Types in WP-Client → Settings → Private Post Types.  Toggle On any of the post types that you want to use in private.

You can also allow or disallow WPC-Managers to view the Private Post Types menu in WP-Client → Settings → Capablilites.

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